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Welcome to Anam    

Welcome to our website. We are a guild of friends and love to meet new ones. We group most days and raid anytime we can. We hope your looking for a place to play and have fun. We are currently working our raid progression.

We are getting ready for new Expanion... We will be doing one of our raid nights in the new expanion beta

OCTOBER 7TH  all gold members well be able to get in then... If they allow us to make a temp guild it will be named anamx.. also we will be meeting in the real guild hall before swapping to beta.

     We r currently recruiting healers and shamans anyone knowing a good one please have them contact me or any officers


Thanks you guys are great have fun and enjoy the game


Fight setups    

Raid/DKP payout

busterss, Oct 31, 13 9:41 PM.

All raid loot is bid on with DKP for as followed:
- Mains bid first.
- If no mains need/want the item, it is open for raid alts that pay with your DKP (these are alts that you declare and are listed by your name on the DKP spreadsheet. This round is *only* for that one alt per person).
- If no raid alts need/want the item, the item is open to plat bids for whatever character you wish.

Minimum DKP bid is 4 DKP.

In the case of a DKP bid tie, there will be a random roll to determine who wins and will pay.

DKP cap is 150

Any new member of the guild gets 25 DKP to start

All bosses of current content is 1 point per kill

All new bosses (a.k.a. first kill for our guild) are worth 25/50 DKP

All raids are first come first serve so the first 24 in goes (with exception if we need a specific class, i.e. needing three different tanks for the twins in AS)

Anyone having to sit will still earn DKP and are allowed to bid on items if they are online and available to raid.

If you have any questions about DKP, see Busters or any officer




Beta for oct 7th    
ok guys and gals,
    i was asked to try and explain how to do beta. first at your screen where u click play.. at the top of it u will see english clck this a drop down box will appear. then select beta once it has down loaded u click play make sure u have your raid toon selected on left side at the character select .. anyone having trouble please see me during the day ill be in and out all day long  on oct 7th


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