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Guild Dkp sheet    
Sorry Paramir and Moknows.I lost power again last night. That's twice in the last 3 days.
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Welcome to Anam    

Welcome to our website. We are a guild of friends and love to meet new ones. We group most days and raid anytime we can. We hope your looking for a place to play and have fun. We are currently working our raid progression.

We are getting ready for new Expanion... We will be doing one of our raid nights in the new expanion beta

OCTOBER 7TH  all gold members well be able to get in then... If they allow us to make a temp guild it will be named anamx.. also we will be meeting in the real guild hall before swapping to beta.

     We r currently recruiting healers and shamans anyone knowing a good one please have them contact me or any officers


Thanks you guys are great have fun and enjoy the game


Fight setups    

Raid/dkp payout

busterss, Oct 31, 13 9:41 PM.

All raid loot is bid on with DKP for as followed,Mains,alts.

Min bid id 4 dkp.

Incase of a tie as if both bid DKP cap then they random roll.

DKP cap is 150

Any new member of the guild gets 25 dkp to start

all bosses of curent content is 1 point per kill

all new bosses this is bosses the guild has never killed is worth 25/50  dkp

all raids are first come first serve so the first 24 in goes..

Anyone having to set gets dkp for each kill and gets to bid for gear..

any questions about Dkp see busters or any officer




Deathtoll fights    
Yitzik the Hurler still has the same knockback that made the encounter a joy for tanks during Kingdom of sky. So plan your strategies accordingly.

One thing of note for placing him is that he must be fought above ground. If you pull Yitzik to the ground to avoid the knockback he will summon a massive amount of rats on your raid and you will wipe.

The seemingly easiest place to tank him is going to be along the ramp that leads up to the upper platforms along the wall.

Pull Yitzik and turn and burn because you will need a lot of DPS. Yitzik has over 13 billion HP. He will spawn small adds about every 20 seconds on your raid or so called a Bone Devil. These little mobs have an outrageously high HP level (seems to be upwards of 25 billion HP). Just off tank these adds and ignore them because your focus is on getting Yitzik down ASAP.

These little adds have small aoe's of their own which isn't bad when there is only a few of them but your raid is racing against killing Yitzik or getting overwhelmed by too many Bone Devils.

Good Luck.
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